Sunday, October 23, 2011

Venture of the Soul

Greetings from the Mile High City! We've now officially been in Denver for 6 weeks and have already been busy re-connecting with friends, meeting new people, and exploring the mountains. In fact, we've been in the mountains every weekend. Here's a chronicle of our mountain/soul ventures to date...

Mt. Falcon - We went hiking in the foothills with views of Mt. Evans, Denver and the plains. The original land's owner tried to build a summer home for the presidents here in 1918, but it didn't get passed a marble cornerstone. No pictures for this hike :(

Twin Sisters - This hike was a little ambitious at 8 miles on our second weekend. But does that surprise you? Twin Sisters is near Estes Park and summits at 11,400 ft. The aspens were just starting to turn and the views of Longs Peak were breathtaking.

A view of Twin Sisters from the bottom

A view of Longs Peak from the top of Twin Sisters

Silver Dollar Lake - My sister (Erica), Renzo, and I ventured near Georgetown to get a glimpse of the gold rush and go on a less-ambitious hike to some beautiful lakes. It started to briefly snow, but the views were worth it.

The aspen "gold rush" - or as I like to think, Coloradans are secretly Packer fans each fall

Steamboat Springs - Renzo, his brother (Robert), and I visited my friend Lindsey and her husband and daughter for a weekend away in Steamboat. We relaxed in the hot springs, ate tasty food, and visited Fish Creek Falls before leaving town.

 Catching up with my friend Lindsey (Fish Creek Falls)

South Valley Park - We found a beginner mountain biking trail in the foothills with beautiful red rocks and fall colors. The trail was on the land next to Lockheed Martin, which kind of made it feel like Big Brother was watching.


Mt. Bierstadt - In freezing temperatures (literally it was 32 degrees when we started at 11,500ft), we hiked Mt. Bierstadt, which summits at about 14,100ft. We encountered snow, briefly lost our trail, and celebrated with Cheetos.

At the summit with our friends Amanda and Darick Baker

With all these hikes and adventures, what about minimalist running??? Well, I haven't been able to run completely barefoot in our new neighborhood - it's not as green and grassy as St. Paul. I continue to run on my fore foot or mid foot in my old shoes while I wait for my minimalist shoes to arrive in the mail... this week! Stay tuned for a post coming soon. And when no one's around, I run in my socks on the treadmill in the fitness room at our apartment complex :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.