Saturday, August 20, 2011

That's what happens when...

We're "training" for the Muddy Buddy on August 28th. Anyone have costume ideas for our team "The Amaya-zing Duo"? As part of our "training" Renzo and I went running yesterday - me in my bare feet, he in his shoes. As we turned on to Summit Ave with the nice green lawns I quickly hopped into the grass. I love the morning dew and how it feels so cool and refreshing on my feet. I'm not so much of a fan of lawns that don't bag their grass after mowing because the pieces stick to my feet and make them look like they are growing green hair or make them seem really dirty, when in reality they are actually quite clean from the dew. A couple blocks down the road Renzo points to a spot in the grass and urgently says "Watch out! Watch out!" As my eyes drift to the spot in the grass I shriek like a five year old, exclaim multiple rounds of "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god", and do the heebie jeebies dance - all with my running momentum still drawing me forward...

That's what happens when you see a dead squirrel lying in the grass.

No, I didn't step on it - thank you Renzo! Let's just say I avoided the grass for a good portion of the run. As we continued running I looked over at Renzo's stride, noticing how quiet it was. I was mesmerized - his normal running stride in his shoes lands on his midfoot! I racked my brain for all the reasons why I had originally learned to run on my heels and he on his midfoot. When I asked Renzo he didn't quite know why, but maybe...

That's what happens when you grow up walking barefoot.

I am slowing, but surely increasing my mileage. I am up to 3.5 miles barefoot and 4 miles in shoes, and was able to do 2 barefoot runs this week without problems. I am starting to realize that I am going to need some sort of minimalist shoes soon. I tried on the Vibram 5 Fingers (Bikila) today and it felt weird to go from nothing on my feet to something hugging it snugly, never mind the slots for your toes that took some effort fitting into. No purchase today, but if anyone has feedback on the 5 Fingers or other brands I'd love to hear it!

Earlier this week I was running in my black running socks - to absorb some of the friction from the sidewalks - and I wore straight through them. I was very proud that I did NOT wear through them on my heels! I now have proof that...

That's what happens when you land on your midfoot.

Yesterday I got a massage at Unwind Within with Layla. It was the most amazing massage ever and I still feel fantastic. I asked her to focus on my calves since a.) I don't stretch enough and b.) the muscles seem to get tighter with running barefoot. Afterwards, Layla and I were talking about barefoot running. She says, and I quote, "Your feet are in excellent condition. They are not injured and they are softer than I expected." I wanted to lean over, hug her, and say "Thank you Layla..."

That's what happens when you run barefoot.

And finally, I have yet again been missing from the blog world for another 3 weeks. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the absence...

That's what happens when you get a new job in Denver, Colorado.

This past week I accepted a new job at Denver Health and we signed a lease for an apartment. We are moving in 3 weeks! We are so excited to explore the trails, mountains, and cities in Colorado. And I am excited to bring my barefoot running to a new level on trails and with more outdoor runs during the milder winter :)


  1. So, I had to laugh, because after reading this blog post I went for a nice long run... and.... almost stepped on a dead squirrel...

    Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Haha! Thanks for the words of empathy and encouragement. Hope you haven't had any more close calls.